Best Geyser for Hard Water in India 20221

Best Geyser for Hard Water in India 2022

We need a geyser with good features the most during winter season specially the one whose electricity consumption is low and the heated water.

First of all everyone is finding  good quality featured geyser i.e. like sufficient water storage capacity, long duration heated stored water must be retain and low electricity consumption, low maintenance service charge even it looks not good no problem.

5 Points must know

  1. Size of Geyser : For 2 People or couple –  10 Lt Geyser will sufficient

          : For 3-4 People (a unique family) -15 Lt Geyser will sufficient

: For more than 4 People (say like a Joint  family) -25 Lt Geyser will sufficient

  1. Type of Geyser:  Geysers are built with heat-safe material like ABS (Polypropylene or Metal)

Always check Element and inner tank warranty must check before proceeding to buy.

  1. If you are leaving at high rise building like up to 35 floors then an 8 Bar Pressure geyser is enough as it handles the pressure of water better. Less than 8  bar pressure geyser comes with less features.
  1. Hard water supply: 

If hard water supplied in your house then you must choose a geyser that comes with Anode rod because it has properties to attract and accumulates sediment and salt upon Anode rod which keeps geyser longer duration safe. Usually it is good practice to change the rod every year which costs approx Rs.650 -750. Magnesium anode rod enabled geyser are considered the best geyser. Modern geysers are comes with Glass Lined Tank and Element will give a cracking sound, though it is not to worry. Solution is that attach a water softener on the inlet pipe (water in) which reduce the hardness of water.   

Best Geyser for Hard Water India 2021


Racold Andris Lux Plus 8 Star rated   Mount Type: Vertical
Capacity 25 Ltr
No of Bar 8
Watts 2000W
Body Polypropylene 
Inner Container Stainless Steel
Heating Element Titanium Enameled with Anode Rod
Temperature Regulation Knob Yes
ISI marked Yes
Weight 11 kg 900 g
Rs.9015 Warranty

2 Years comprehensive

3 Years on heating element

5 Years on inner tank

Installation Free in Metro city ( on other city must take permission to install your selflessly to avoid the warranty laps.) self installation cost you Rs.350-450
Pros Polypropylene body, quick heats water , water remain heated for long duration 
Cons No installation kit, Services are less satisfactory level in tier 2 or 3 towns
Recommendation If the service of Recold’s in your area are good and no hard water supply in your house then this is the best geyser in India 2021 you may consider to buy.