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What is Freelancing?

Why choosing freelancing as a career?

If you have any talent you can use it for some other person and that person pays for it. This is called Freelancing. It means that suppose you are very talented in something say graphic designing, web designing, software development, accounting , online marketing, health and wellness advisor, then you can go for freelancing.  It is a part of Digital Deepak Internship program Assignment.

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Then whom need it?

If someone else has to get some of these things done. Whether it is website designing and you have the talent to do it , then you can do the work for that person. In return  he will pay  for it and this is called freelancing.

How does it work?
According to the McKinsey study, the online marketplace could add $ 2.7 trillion to global GDP by 2025. Moreover, 40% of freelancers in a study said that the  “personal growth”  is the main reason to become freelancer.
As it is an  additional source of income in the beginning.
When you become perfect in your niche it gives income stability and multiple sources of income from multiple clients.
First of all  you have to learn  a new skill.
you have to work: As an employee or as a freelancer and then start blogging and after that build your personal brand through writing. After that by the passing of time start selling advice, give consultation, provide mentorship based on your experience. Accordingly  guide other people to follow your path.
So, what are the areas? where you could start.
some of the areas are like   Photo editing,  Video editing.
In graphing designing  you can do logo design, package designing, catalogue designing. In content writing like Ghost Writing, Copywriting , Transcription you can do .
Traffic Generation like
                            Social Media Marketing
                            Paid Advertising
in Lead Generation like
                        Lead Magnets you can create.
you also become WordPress and Website designer
you can also do Coding in the field of
Now move into the BENEFITS :
  • it has Opportunity to work from home, save time on travel, spend more time with family, and stay safe at home.
  • Also have enough time to upskill yourself by learning new things.
  • It has ability to keep the income going while you take a sabbatical and also keep the   opportunity open for a job you love to do.
Now the question is How to Start?
After defining your goals and niche enroll with some Freelancing website to grab projects like Freelance dot com, Upwork, WorkNhire and 99 Designs etc. Basically Understand how the project executed and get rid of from obstacles.
Most Important things to remember that is
Always be honest for yourself or client, and always dedicate to serve better to your client
At last what is the Conclusion?
Find your niche in the particular field and star it now.  You should help customers with the bottom of your heart and knowledge. Freelancing is a very exciting way to earn better money. It allows a person to decide his own schedule, the type of tasks you likes to work on, and how much you wants to work. A very important phrase i.e. if you have a will you are definitely going to find a way. if you really want to do it. You just needs to be fair and flexible with your dealings and you will definitely get the reward in return.